• Mohamed Hussien

    Mohamed Hussien

    Mobile Dev. , Technology minded , Trust in Change , Communicator . Thinker

  • David Such

    David Such

    Reefwing Software · iOS & Android Development · Robotics · #followback #iOS #Android #developer #indiedev #robotics #startup #arduino #raspberrypi

  • jose rodrigues

    jose rodrigues

  • Vishal singh

    Vishal singh

    I'm a software engineer , Android App Developer , Kotlin Developer , Programming Mentor . I follow Eat - Sleep - Train - Repeat rule .

  • Octavian Antoniu

    Octavian Antoniu

  • Mamadou SIDIBE

    Mamadou SIDIBE

  • Mohammedmayouf


  • Lorenzo Melato

    Lorenzo Melato

    Amministratore delegato di Ynnova | ARAG Group. Mi occupo da sempre di software e firmware. Le mie passioni: la mia famiglia, la scienza, la musica e Ynnova.

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